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  • Pompano Beach High School, an A-rated, all-magnet public high school, is proud to offer one of the premier magnet programs in the country. The school has been named a National Blue-Ribbon School of Excellence and in addition to being ranked number 20th in Florida, we are currently ranked nationally at number 202 out of 22,000 schools, placing us in the top .7% of all schools in the nation. Pompano Beach High School’s mission is to provide a safe learning environment where students acquire skills to be competitive in the global community. With our vision statement, Academic Excellence, Global Vision, Unlimited Future, PBHS staff, students and community work hard to develop good citizens and lifelong learners.

    Our magnet theme is International Affairs with Information Technology. All students are required to participate in a full magnet program, which includes a minimum of four credits of language arts, math, science, and social studies and three credits in sequence of the same modern world language and the same business technology program. We offer French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish, along with technology programs Computer Science, Digital Video Production, International Business, and Scientific Visualization. Because most courses are either Honors, Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment, PBHS has a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for post-secondary life, while at the same time offering a wide choice of sports and clubs available for all students. In addition to the magnet diploma, students can earn both the Scholar and Merit Diploma Designations.

Magnet Coordinator

  • Scientific Visualization

    The courses in this program provide students with instruction in the evolution and principles of scientific visualization, including various tools and techniques used in different industries to retrieve, render, and display two- and three-dimensional representations of scientific and other forms of data. Students take the Dreamweaver Industry Certification assessment in this program.

  • International Business

    The International Business program, including Accounting and International Business Systems, gives students a solid introduction to entrepreneurship, business, and accounting principles, as well as regulations both here in the U.S. and around the world. Students develop the appreciation, knowledge, and skills necessary to thrive in a global marketplace. Students take the Quickbooks Industry Certification assessment within this program.

  • Digital Video Technology Program

    Technology does not remain static for long, and so is the case with media production. Instead of TV analog cameras, long cables, and antennas, students today are learning with computers, mobile studios, photography, and the internet. The Pompano Beach High Digital Video Production program provides students with an introduction to the digital video production process, where students learn fundamental skills of shooting and editing video, recording sound, lighting a TV studio, all on a multimedia platform including photography, social media, and newscasts. Students not only work on in-house projects, but take leadership roles in the community and professional industry. Students learn to use Adobe premier Pro CC in post-production editing, and when finished with the three-year track, have an opportunity to sit for industry certification in that program. Students finishing this track leave PBHS with the ability to confidently step into the television industry, start their own business, or pursue a post-secondary degree at top schools in the field.

  • Computer Science Program

    Computer programming skills are becoming ever more important in today’s connected world. At Pompano Beach High School students start with an exploration into Computer Science, which explores fundamental topics including problem solving, design strategies and methodologies, data structures, algorithms, analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing. The second and third courses in this program are Advanced Placement Computer Science and Advanced Placement Computing Principles which allow students to pursue college-level studies with the potential of earning college credit. In these classes students are introduced to topics such as programming, compression and encryption, creativity, big data, cyber security, problem solving, organizing and processing large sets of data, and analysis of the social and ethical implications of computing

  • Requirements

    The academic requirements to attend PBHS:

    • Unweighted Grade Point Average: 2.5 (Core classes)
    • Florida Standards Assessment scores (English language arts and mathematics): level 3 or greater. If FSA scores are not available, applicants must provide nationally recognized standardized test scores in reading and mathematics: score 50% or greater.

  • Transportation

    Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) provides transportation for students attending Pompano Beach High School residing inside of Broward County more than two miles from the school and north of Sunrise Blvd.

    • The transportation schedule is mailed to parents of registered students prior to the first day of school by BCPS Transportation Department.

     For more information about Broward Schools Magnet/Innovative programs, visit:

  • Application

    For information about magnet programs, other school choice options and how to apply online, go to: 

    • Save the confirmation page and/or email at the end of the application for your records.
    • Submit copy of the most recent grades and FSA (or nationally recognized norm-referenced standardized examination scores) to the Office of School Choice by email to: or by Fax to: 754-321-2489. 
    • To check the status of the application, Click Here, application must be "Complete" before the deadline.  Final application status will be updated on scheduled notification dates   
    • To change an existing application before the application deadline, go to Parent View 
    • After application window closes, you can check application status at: CHECK STATUS HERE