• Back to school Forms

    Please see the document below for instructions on how to complete the Back to School Forms

    Step by Step on how to complete the "Back to School Forms"

    Now that you know what to do, you can go to the webpage to fill out the forms


  • Free and Reduced Price Lunch

    Pompano Beach High School offers our students nutritious meals for breakfast and lunch under the National School Lunch Program throughout the school year. Your child may qualify for free or reduced price meals. We encourage you to apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals online at www.myschoolapps.comYour approved application may help our school receive additional funding to cover the cost of materials, supplies, staffing, professional development for teachers and staff, community outreach and much more.As the District transitions back to pre- COVID operations, meal prices will remain the same. There is no change in meal prices for the 2022-2023 school year.Pompano Beach High School price is $2.50. All reduced price lunches are forty-cents.Students continue to enjoy breakfast at no cost under the Universal Breakfast Program.Parents, Guardians and Caregivers are encouraged to create an account for each student with My School Bucks at www.myschoolapps.comIf you need any assistance, please contact Pompano Beach High School at 754-322-2000.

  • How to access Clever


    Once you are logged in, you will have access to CANVAS and all the other resources.


  • How to Access Virtual Counselor

    Once you have logged into CLEVER you need to look for the Virtual Counselor tile.

    Then a new window is going to pop-up make sure the information is accurate.
    Then click on Go to Virtual Counselor

  • How to Access Bus and Schedule Information in VIRTUAL COUNSELOR

    1. Log into CLEVER

    2. Select Virtual Counselor _ Log into Virtual Counselor

    3. Under the Student Info drop down menu, make a selection.

  • How to change your Passwords

    Keep your information secure.

  • Student Success

    Be Accountable
    How is one expected to be accountable at school? You may ask yourself, what can I do?  
    Well, here are some examples that will help you succeed. 

    • Follow dress code
    • Display positive interaction
    • Carrying all belongings needed for school

    Use these examples on how to be accountable and you will help ensure your success. 

    Be Responsible
    All students are expected to be responsible at school. You may ask yourself, what does this mean?  Here are some examples that will help you succeed.  
    • Arrive on time 
    • During the classroom period, leave and enter class with a pass 
    • If approved to park on campus, use only assigned student parking areas

    Following this simple expectation of being responsible and the listed examples can help ensure your success.

    Display Self-Control

    How is one expected to display self-control at school? You may ask yourself, how can I do that? Here are some examples that will help you succeed. 

    • Comply with instructions and directions 
    • Accept boundaries of others in hallways
    • Move to class quickly without delay

    Use these examples in displaying self-control and you will help ensure your success. 

  • Blue & Gold Calendar
  • Bell Schedule
  • District Calendar
  • Health Services
  • Student Parking Information
  • Transportation Information

Road to Success

  • Student Success Step Ladder showing stick figure students ranging from "I won't" to"I will" - Success