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    Vivian Suarez

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    Principal’s Message

    Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Community Members,

    As we move into the holiday season, I am proud to say that we have many reasons to celebrate in Colt Country! Each day we remain committed to honoring our school-wide theme—We are #ColtsUnited! We continue to provide challenging educational programs for all students within a safe and nurturing environment. Our academic and co-curricular activities cultivate in our students a sense of productivity and a responsibility to be ethical and kind. High standards and expectations for students and faculty/staff remain the bedrock of our school’s foundation. With such talented students and a supportive community and staff determined to maximize student potential, our Colts will undoubtedly reap the benefits of this extraordinary partnership today and always. We will continue to seek excellence in all endeavors—academic, social and emotional.  As a united school community, we are here to teach, to guide, to love and to support our school community as they continue to be awesome human beings and remain Colt Strong!

    As we usher in the New Year, let me be the first to say—I wish us all the magic that comes with the start of a new year. May we continue to maximize our full potential in every facet of our lives by using the extraordinary gifts and talents that make us unique and wonderful! Let’s continue to inspire each other, to empower each other, and to encourage each other to be better every day. And may that magic be anew in Colt Country…always. #ColtsUnited

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


    Vivian Suarez

    Vivian Suarez, Principal


    We are forever #ColtStrong and #MSDStrong!

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    I look forward to a successful remainder of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 754-322-0508 should you have any questions.  


    Vivian C. Suarez, Principal

    Coral Springs High School

    One Team, One Goal...#ColtsUnited!”