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    Vivian Suarez

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     One Love, One Family

    Dear Colt Family,

    It is hard to believe that we are already gearing up for a new year! While no one could have predicted this season of uncertainty when hopes were running high for a return to a sense of normalcy, we have worked hard to meet the ever-changing demands of our diverse student population.  During this time, it has become more evident that we must continue to work together to ensure that our school community is granted opportunities to reach its full potential.  Our school remains dedicated to providing high-quality learning experiences that will continue to empower students to be academically, socially, and emotionally successful. We are unconditionally and unapologetically committed to upholding our long-standing tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts for all students for all time! 

    While this new learning model presents many barriers, we have worked tenaciously to shift our pedagogical philosophies about teaching and learning to deliver instruction that is both engaging and challenging. We know this alternative learning environment has also required students to shift their mindsets to maximize their potentials.  As a school, we continue to reinforce the values, characteristics, and work ethic that are the embodiment of being a Coral Springs Colt. Yes, there is so much that is different without the traditional face-to-face model we have all become accustomed to, but one thing has remained the same—we are #ColtsUnited! As we take much needed pauses to focus on the things in our lives that truly matter and that work together to bring about a sense of purpose and pride, know that Colt Country will be taking a moment to think of you. You make us proud! 

    Thank you to the entire school community without whose support it would be impossible to build on past success to take us to the next level achievements! I cannot think of a better school to lead and I am ever- thankful for this journey that I am taking with you. You exceed my expectations and I appreciate all that you do to help our school continue to thrive! 

    I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!  


    2021 Here we come! #ColtStrong 


    Vivian Suarez

    Vivian Suarez

    Your Proud Principal

    Happy NEW yEAR


    We are forever #ColtStrong and #MSDStrong!

     horseshoe MSDSTRONG

    I look forward to a successful remainder of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 754-322-0508 should you have any questions. 

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    One Team, One Goal...#ColtsUnited!”