(Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)




    The Spanish Honor Society is a service-based organization comprised of members who share a love for Spanish. Our goal is to promote and celebrate the Spanish language and richness of Spanish and Latin cultures through interactive projects and activities in school. We also participate in activities created by our Student Government to support our school and local community. 



    Mrs. Martinez-Raposo

    Room 612

    Email: jenny.martinez-raposo@browardschools.com



    President: Fahim Azaz                                          Service Hours Coordinator: Kristen Russo

    Vice President: Haissel Rosa                                               Social Media Coordinator: Jasmine Lee

    Secretary: Rachel Olshan                                                     Member Liaison: Jordan Adler

    Historian: Kanksha Parikh                                                    ICC Representatives: Shadman Hossain & Ash Evans

    Treasurer: Noah Gilman                                     Representatives: Emily Vo & Shannon Singh




    MEETING DATES: Members will meet once a month in the auditorium for no more than 20 minutes. Once our dates have been established, new members will be notified through their Spanish classes and returning members will receive a Remind text or can check our social media sites.


    REMINDERS and INFORMATION: Members can stay up-to-date with club activities, events and submission deadlines by…

    • checking our Bulletin Board: located in the 600’s hallway, next to room 622
    • signing up for Remind messages: Text @SHScshs to 81010
    • following our Twitter and Instagram sites: @Colt_SHS


    PARTICIPATION: All members must earn a certain number of club hours by the end of April. 1st year members who meet the requirements will be officially inducted at the end of the year and seniors will receive an honor cord to wear at graduation. Members earn these hours by attending meetings and participating in club events and school activities for each year of participation until graduation.


    DUES: Members will have the choice to pay $15 dues online (go to CSHS website – Online Payments) or fundraise by selling snacks during the year (although there will be limited spots for fundraising). These funds are used to pay for club t-shirts, club activities/supplies, induction ceremony costs, senior cords, fiestas and donations to worthy causes.  



    Members will be provided with a variety of opportunities to participate in club activities and events in order to earn their hours. But they will be expected to meet certain requirements which will be explained at our first meeting in September. Requirements will consist of participation in the following categories…

    • Meetings: These are quick get-togethers in order to communicate information.
    • Spanish-related activities: These are activities our officers elaborate for members based on interest or member requests (ie. Hispanic Heritage Month activities, Spanish tutoring, Spanish dancing lessons, selling Spanish pastries, local gatherings, trivia activities, scavenger hunts, conversational events, holiday activities)
    • CSHS Activities: These are activities our Student Government establishes for all clubs (ie. Thanksgiving baskets, Dance Marathon, Sidewalk painting, Wacky Olympics…)
    • Donations: Collection of goods or supplies for local communities or people in need
    • Submissions: Students will have opportunities to submit artwork, projects, questions for activities (ie. Hispanic Heritage Month posters, making piñatas, t-shirt designs…)



    SENIOR CORDS: Students that have been inducted into SHS who hold a GPA of 3.0 or higher, have paid their dues/raised funds, and have met club requirements will have the opportunity to wear a cord at graduation.


    INDUCTION CEREMONY: 1st year members who meet the club hours requirement will be officially inducted into the club in April or May of their first year. This is a formal event to which parents are invited and dessert will be served afterwards. We will also honor the member(s) who earn(s) the most club hours with giftcards.




    The student must…

    1. be currently enrolled in Spanish 3, Spanish Speakers 3, Spanish 4, AP Spanish Language,  AP Spanish Literature, or Dual Enrollment Spanish 1/2
    2. have attained an A or B average in previous Spanish courses.
    3. have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    4. submit a completed application to Mrs. Martinez-Raposo in Room 612 before the first meeting
    5. pay membership dues online or sign up to sell snacks