Contact Persons:

    *If your child has one of the teachers listed below for Study Hall, then s/he is in PASL class*

    PASL ADMINISTRATOR: Dr. Tameka King: tameka.king@browardschools.com

    PASL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Karen Strayer: karen.f.strayer@browardschools.com


    Study Hall PASL Teachers:

    Jacqueline Alvarado

    Elizabeth M. Benton

    Candace Blake

    Kimberley D. Brown

    Andre Calixte

    Flemens Casimir

    Stephanie M. Coligan

    Veronica J. Conrad

    Heather D. Comrie-Anderson

    Abygail L. Davis

    Annette M. Dumas

    Sharon Friedman

    Susan Halliday

    Rebecca Lee

    Dona M. Maggio

    Jonathan M. Massey

    Jean R. Narcisse

    Tracey Robinson

    Jennifer Scivetti

    Stacey L. Weaver

    Deanne S. Webb


    What is PASL?

    Personalization for Academic and Social Emotional Learning is a systemic school-wide and research-based approach in which administrators, guidance counselors, and teachers intentionally and deliberately attend to students’ academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs.

    Where did PASL come from?

    PASL was identified in two Broward High Schools during the 2010-11 school year by researchers from the National Center for Scaling Up Effective Schools (NCSU). A year-long study found that two highly effective Broward high schools personalized the learning experience for their students through deliberate organizational routines, a culture of personalization, and specific personalization practices. PASL was designed through collaboration with NCSU and district and school leaders in Broward. Eight Broward high schools have now adapted PASL to their own contexts.

    PASL has 5 components that schools adapt to their own unique local context and work as a system.