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    PASL ADMINISTRATOR: Dr. Tameka King: tameka.king@browardschools.com

    At Coral Springs High School, we currently have over 20 PASL teachers! Personalization for Academic and Social Emotional Learning (PASL) is a systemic approach to high school reform with the aim of improving high school students’ academic and social emotional outcomes. With PASL, administrators, counselors, and teachers intentionally attend to students’ academic and social emotional behavioral needs by engaging in organizational routines and norms of practice that institutionalize personalization. By deliberately fostering caring and supportive adult-student relationships, adults help students increase their sense of belonging at their school that, in turn, leads to higher levels of self-efficacy and student success.

    PASL comes from a multi-year partnership between Broward County Public Schools, Florida State University, and Vanderbilt University that has as its goal to make high schools places where adults, through routines and school culture, cultivate caring and trust for students. We joined in a partnership, known as the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools, to understand why some urban high schools performed better than other high schools in the same county. Through intensive study of higher and lower-performing high schools in the district, we identified PASL as the core differentiating feature between these schools.

    Having identified PASL as the focus of our partnership, a district design team spent six months designing the strategies to bring PASL to more high schools. We identified five systemic personalization practices:

    • Rapid Check Ins
    • Goal Achievement
    • Educator Teams
    • Intentional Use of Data
    • Culture of Personalization

    Together, the five components of PASL provide a system of personalization that bridges the traditional academic focus of high schools, with approaches aimed at building relationships, helping students set goals,  and feel connected to their school. These tools reflect practices that educators in Broward have developed to enact these five components within their schools. We are therefore indebted to the Broward educators for their professional expertise in developing, piloting, and refining the tools found here.

    Our design process used a networked approach that began with three high schools and gradually scaled to more schools as the tools were developed. As of 2019-20, PASL is being implemented in 31 high schools and 10 middle schools in Broward County. Even with a well-developed set of components, however, we recognize that implementation needs to reflect local context to allow schools to adapt the components to their particular strengths and needs, rather than a scripted program for people to implement.

    Per Vanderbilt University

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    Dr. Tameka King is the Assistant Principal who is over the PASL program.