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    The Coral Springs High School Colt Chronicle is to foster an appreciation for all things journalistic in nature—be it print, photo, or online journalism. Colt Chronicle staff members are entrusted with the arduous task of being the “pulse” of CSHS and generating a forum for our students, faculty members, parents, and community members.


    Ms. Tate

    Room 1014


    OFFICERS (2017-2018)

    Editor-in-Chief: Franchesca Seminario

    News Editor: Bianca Carpenter

    Opinion Editor: Natalia Wilson

    Lifestyles Editor: Blake Meyer

    Feature Editor: Payton Campagna

    Sports Editor: Samantha Kinggard

    Web Editor: Melody Arevalo


    MEETING DATES: Honors elective held during 3rd period on Green days.


    REMINDERS and INFORMATION: Be sure to get the monthly agenda and updates at…



    PARTICIPATION: New and returning staff members are required to write at least 2 articles per issue and sell 1 advertisement to a community business per quarter. Editors are required to edit the articles for their section as well as create their respective section layouts using InDesign software.          


    Skills learned include: Article writing, editing, photography, InDesign software, interviewing skills, sales skills, website design, and much more!


    SENIOR CORDS: Seniors who have been in a journalism class for at least 2 years and have received all As and Bs as well as a core GPA of 3.0 are eligible to join the Quill & Scroll Journalism Honor Society. Dues are a one-time payment of $15 (payable on Coral Springs High School’s website under Online Payments) and include lifetime membership as well as a cord at graduation.


    The student must…

    1. Take an Introduction to Journalism class the year prior (J1 is taught by Mr. Lyons)
    2. have attained an A or B average in previous English courses.
    3. have a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.
    4. Love journalism!