Mission Statement: As CSHS's resident Poetry Club, Cadence is a home for creatives who want to express themselves creatively, listen and learn from their peers, and grow their confidence and performance skills. 
    • Sponsor Information: Cait Tate, ELA 9, Newspaper Hon, CRW (intro & hon.)
    • Officers: Daniel Johnson (President); Rachea McDonald (Vice-President)
    • Meeting Dates and Location: Fridays @ 3pm in Room 1014
    • Club Pertinent Information: A place to share, workshop, and experience original poetry as well as compete in poetry-based competitions.
    • Club Requirements/ Membership Criteria: Open membership; 9-12 grade; Must meet school extracurricular participation requirements (GPA/Behavior).
    • Dues: (as of 2021-2022 school year) None
    • Traditional Events/Patronages: Weekly workshops; Poetry & Learning Conference; Individual & Group Spoken Word Competitions
    • Benefits of Membership: Community, social-emotional growth, creative expression, self-confidence, catharsis/healing, and more!