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    Vivian Suarez

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    Principal’s Message

    Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Community Members,


    As the principal of Coral Springs High School, I am excited to welcome everyone back for another year filled with wonder and accomplishments! I look forward to sharing stories about our summer adventures and welcoming our new Colts to Colt Country! I am eager to have the quietness of an empty school to be filled once again with our energetic students and teachers growing for the better in the beauty of teaching and learning. Our core values continue to be focused on setting high standards and establishing strong connections of support to ensure that each student feels prepared in every way to be productive citizen. I know that education as a whole is heavily focused on accountability, standards, and assessments, but as a principal who also understand the importance of human capital, I work to ensure that my school community embraces the greater importance of living their best lives through innovation, collaboration, and a strong spirit of resilience. So, whether our students continue postsecondary education, or enter the workforce, they have been given the competency skills necessary to flourish!

    Our school-wide theme of being #ColtsUnited continues to bond our students and our extended Colt Family! Our spirit of striving for excellence is how we accomplish our goals! Without everyone working together towards a common objective this would not be possible. We will continue to promote student achievement and a positive social climate. We encourage our students to take advantage of our many co-curricular activities in an effort to make real-life connections with students who share similar interests and passions. As always, let us embark on this journey together with a pledge to each other to remain engaged in meaningful and challenging work!

    It is never too soon to be actively engaged in your student’s academic and social wellbeing! Please continue to check Pinnacle for up-to-date attendance and grade reports. If your child needs assistance, please take advantage of our free tutoring services when they become available as advertised on the school’s website and our various mentoring programs. Go Colts!

    Our earnest endeavor is to continue to move forward with school-wide improvements and our Colt spirit of unity and excellence. It is simply how we do things in Colt Country! I look forward our journey to higher heights!  We will do the impossible because we are forever #ColtStrong and #ColtsUnited!




    Vivian Suarez, Principal

    We are forever #ColtStrong and #MSDStrong!

     horseshoe MSDSTRONG

    I look forward to a successful remainder of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 754-322-0508 should you have any questions.  


    Vivian C. Suarez, Principal

    Coral Springs High School

    One Team, One Goal...#ColtsUnited!”