• National English Honor Society


    The National English Honor Society is a service-based organization comprised of members who share a love for English. Our goal is to promote literacy in our community as well as a passion for reading amongst CSHS students. We also participate in activities created by our Student Government to support our school and local community.


    Ms. Itkoff

    Room 1125

    Email: colby.itkoff@browardschools.com


    MEETING DATES: Fourth Wednesday of each month, 3-4 pm in Room 1125.

    REMINDERS and INFORMATION: Be sure to get the monthly agenda and updates at…

             Remind: Text @ke2k89 to 81010


    PARTICIPATION: New and returning members must earn 10 club hours per semester. New members who meet the requirements will be officially inducted at the end of the year and seniors who have been in the club for two or more years will receive an honor cord to wear at graduation. Members can earn these hours by attending meetings and participating in club events and school activities.


    DUES: Annual dues are $20 and can be paid online (go to CSHS website – Online Payments). These funds are used to pay for club t-shirts, club activities/supplies, induction ceremony costs, senior cords, and donations to worthy causes.



    Typical activities include: English tutoring, Hispanic Heritage Month author posters, letter-writing to former teachers, Poetry Slams, book drives, Thanksgiving baskets donation, sidewalk painting, Literacy Week activities, canned food drives, Black History Month author posters, Women History Month author posters, participation in the “Colts Critique” Reading Program, Relay for Life, & much more!


    SENIOR CORDS: Students that have been inducted into NEHS who hold a GPA of 3.2 or higher, have paid their dues, and have met club requirements for 2 or more years will have the opportunity to wear a cord at graduation.

    INDUCTION CEREMONY: New members who meet the club hours requirement will be officially inducted into the club in April/May of their first year. This is a formal event to which parents are invited and dessert will be served afterward.


    The student must…

    1. Have attained an A or B average in previous English courses

    2. Have a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher

    3. Submit a completed application (including current English teacher’s signature) to Ms. Itkoff in Room 1125 or via email

    4. Pay membership dues online