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  • Vivian Suarez


    Dear Colt Family,

    Each year that I am charged with the awesome responsibility of leading such a powerful group of students, faculty and staff, I remain humbled, grateful and proud. It is once again my pleasure to welcome you back to Colt Country for another amazing year! There is no other place I would rather be than among those who share my commitment and passion for education and radical, positive change. Though we are living in unprecedented times, one thing remains true that will transcend all time and that is our standard of excellence. We are proud that our standard of excellence is not dictated by reforms, but our joint effort to ensure that every student, everywhere, every day and in every way is given the tools to be successful, productive citizens! We work tenaciously to create a sense of belonging while continuing to challenge our school community to be the change we want to see not only exemplified inside the schoolhouse gates, but also in our personal communities. We believe that all of our students will be prepared each year for the demands of college, career and life. I am confident that we will continue to thrive because of the hard work and support of our constituents who share the responsibility of nurturing accountability and academic excellence.

    As we bring in the new school year, we will remain focused on building a sense of community as we build meaningful relationships that support academic and social growth. Our educational practices and educational philosophy are centered on the belief that students are the crux of all school-related decisions.  We do what we do with the best interests of our students in mind. Our teachers will continue to use research-based best practices and use data analysis to guide instructional practices. I am excited to share our experiences and triumphs as we bring the energy, engagement and the effectual working of togetherness to continue to make our school a special place to be. Please be sure to visit our school’s website, follow us on social media and review our weekly Stampede to remain abreast of all that is taking place in Colt Country!

    Again, it is my honor and privilege to serve as principal of a school community that will undoubtedly be the reason our students continue to dare to be different, dare to be challenged and dare to dream! I am wonderfully assured that our school’s amazing faculty and staff are more determined than ever to build the atmosphere for all dreams to come true as we boldly enter the 2022-2023 school year. I look forward to partnering with each of you! We are forever #ColtStrong and #ColtsUnited!




    I look forward to our journey to higher heights






    Vivian Suarez, Principal



    Vivian Suarez

    Your Proud Principal

    We are forever #ColtStrong and #MSDStrong!

    Ready, Set.. Grow! We ar #Colts UnitedMSD Strong red and black ribbon

    I look forward to a successful remainder of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 754-322-0508 should you have any questions.
    One Team, One Goal...#ColtsUnited!”


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