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    Health & Wellness, Orange Bowl Showcase (Recruiting Fair), and NCAA Eligibility are the topics covered by the presentations.  These events are for all grade levels including middle school students.  The information presented is invaluable.

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  • CSHS Chorus Singing Alma Mater (click me)

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    The Alma Mater is a tradition that displays how much pride students and faculty take in their school. Here at Coral Springs High we take a lot of pride in our school and it is always present in the school's atmosphere. Our Alma Mater was composed by Sue Mitchell Wallace in 1978.

    Coral Springs High School

    Alma Mater

    Hail to thee Coral Springs, let everyone hear us sing praise to thee our guide, in knowledge, truth and pride. As we seek new frontiers we’ll remember and revere the Colts of green and blue Coral Springs High hail to you.



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