Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Richard Berman

Hello, my name is Richard Berman. I am a veteran teacher, with over 15 years of experience teaching classes in mathematics and science, such as physics, Algebra 2, calculus, and computer science.

My style of instruction is very hands-on, with students learning through experimentation and collaboration, using labs that help bring to life concepts discussed in class. Engaging their imagination and sense of wonder is key to their success. My goal is to assist them in discovering what it is possible for them to accomplish with the help of these advanced courses and concepts.

I sponsor two STEM-based clubs, SECME and the Robotics club. SECME is an engineering club where students build bridges, cars powered by mousetraps, robotic hands, and water-powered rockets and then compete against clubs from other schools throughout the county. Robotics club focuses primarily on the design and piloting and programming of robots for competition. 

I am also the sponsor of Gay Straight Alliance, a club where LGBTQ+ students and allies can find a safe space to be seen for who they truly are.