• The Equestrian


    The Equestrian staff strives to publish a quality yearbook by building on past achievements, keeping current with journalistic trends, and reflecting the unique culture of Coral Springs High School and the community through quality interviews, reporting, and photography.



    Mr. Lyons

    Room 721



    Editor-in-Chief: Taylor Stewart


    Meeting Dates and Location


    Students meet during class time to plan, design, and publish the yearbook.  This is done in room 721.


    The Yearbook will also meet on Wednesdays @ 3:00. 


    Club Requirements/Membership


    Students must take Journalism 1 to be a member of The Equestrian staff.  Journalism 1 is designed to teach students interested in news writing and yearbook publication the history and fundamentals of journalism.  Students earning an A/B can then take Yearbook 1 Honors or Newspaper 1 Honors.


    The Equestrian staff members must demonstrate an ethical approach to covering news, be able to assist in and out of class on yearbook publication, meet deadlines on time, and raise money through advertisement sales and marketing of the yearbook. 


    Benefits of Membership


    • School involvement – joining yearbook gets students involved with their school on all levels – from mingling with students, to attending school events, and actively participating in something that benefits the entire school.
    • Development of 21st-Century Skills – the skills learned in yearbook are also skills that help students prepare for today’s work world: creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving; communication and collaboration; flexibility and adaptability; initiative and self direction; productivity and accountability; and leadership and responsibility.
    • Writing and Journalism Experience – students develop writing and journalism skills when preparing text for the yearbook, skills that help students improve their grades in English and on standardized testing.
    • Opportunity to be Creative – students in yearbook need to think outside the box and be creative when taking pictures, photoshopping images, designing layouts, and deciding on yearbook themes.
    • Develop Photography Skills – students learn and use cameras ranging from Cannon Rebels to cell phone cameras to take a variety of pictures in a variety of settings.
    • Great Addition to a Portfolio – schools can be a very competitive environment and often good grades alone are not enough to get into the classes, clubs, and colleges a student wants. Whether a student is trying to get into AP English classes or sending out applications for college, being able to have yearbook included in your portfolio gives you a much needed edge: multitasking, teamwork, developing ideas from concept to execution, and everything else needed in publishing an award-winning book.
    • Improved Grades – studies demonstrate that students in yearbook have improved grades in high school and college courses.
    • Develop Lasting Relationships – many students form positive friendships and keep in touch with yearbook staff members for the rest of their lives.
    • Create a Quality Product – yearbook students have a major contribution in the development and publication of an historical document that will always remain with the students and schools. The Equestrian wins awards: The Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Medalist, Walsworth Yearbooks Gallery of Excellence.