Violence Prevention

  • Violence prevention is 1 of the 6 strands of prevention. Within violence prevention are more specific subject areas (see below) where you will find numerous resources including curriculum, days of observance toolkits, training modules, and video galleries. These resources help to promote social and emotional skills in order to prevent social alienation and violence.

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  • Data & Surveys

    Quality data fundamentally underpins all the best resources and service provision. We use data to make informed decisions about critical needs and shapes our prevention and intervention efforts. View the data we utilize related to violence prevention.

  • Evaluate Your School's Violence Prevention MTSS

    BCPS is committed to providing the highest quality education in a safe, respectful and violence-free environment. Violence prevention and intervention efforts are embedded in a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). Tiers of support increase in intensity as individual student and school needs dictate -  at the universal (Tier 1), targeted (Tier 2), and intense individualized (Tier 3) levels.


    Contact the School Climate & Discipline Department (SC&D) to learn about and access approved evidence-based services and resources. BCPS staff go to SC&D’s Resource SharePoint, Charter schools go to the Charter Hub, community members go to, or call SC&D at 754-321-1655.

  • Hope Scholarship Program

    The Hope Scholarship Program is a state of Florida school choice program. Any BCPS student who reports they were the victim of a qualified incident at a K-12 public school, any school related or school-sponsored program or activity, riding the bus, or waiting at the bus stop is eligible. Learn more about Hope here or on the Florida Department of Education's website.

  • Make An Anonymous Report

    Anonymous reports can be made to Broward County Public School’s Special Investigative Unit, FortifyFL, or SaferWatch. These services are designed to help us anonymously and securely report anything that we fear might endanger us at school. Tips can be made via phone, text, or email with SUI, and via the apps FortifyFL or SaferWatch. If there is an emergency, dial 911.

  • School Resource Locator

    The School Resource Locator (SRL) helps us find school based resources provided by schools, district personnel or community agencies.

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