Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS)

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    PBIS methods are research-based and proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behaviors in school, resulting in a more positive school climate and increased academic performance. For more information on Florida’s Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) Project visit: http://flpbs.fmhi.usf.edu/ (Please note: this link will direct you outside of BrowardSchools.com)


    PBIS is a 3-tiered model of behavioral instruction and intervention designed to provide students the proper intensity of support based on need. School-wide or Tier 1 PBIS includes 10 critical elements which schools implement as their core behavioral curriculum. The resources provided below are designed to assist with implementing School-wide PBIS to build and sustain a safe, inclusive and positive school environment for all students, staff, and families.


  • PBIS Resources

    BCPS staff can access Tier 1 Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) resources by going to the our PBIS SharePoint page.

    PBIS is a systematic framework to build a positive culture and community in classrooms and schools. It uses team-based planning and problem solving to implement evidence-based, positive behavioral interventions. The goal of PBIS is to support student achievement and success, while decreasing inappropriate student behaviors. PBIS calls on schools to overtly​ teach students behavior, just as they would teach any academic​ subject—like reading or math. ​

  • SPBP Template & Resources

    The School-wide Positive Behavior Plan (SPBP) is completed by all schools in Broward County as part of the School Improvement Plan (SIP). Each year, schools complete their SPBP by September 30 to be implemented throughout the school year.

    For more SPBP resources and materials, please visit BCPS SPBP Canvas Page. (access for BCPS employees only). If you would like assistance with completing your SPBP, please contact us at 754-321-1550.