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  • For Non-Emergency, Please Call the Equity, Diversity & School Climate Department at 754-321-1655

  • The Equity, Diversity & School Climate department’s goal is to lead the change for all Broward County Public Schools' (BCPS) students in achieving lifelong academic, behavioral, social, and emotional success. The District’s comprehensive Policy 5900 is designed to help ensure all of our students feel safe and respected while attending school. The Anti-Bullying Policy 5900 specifically prohibits bullying of or by any Board member,  District employee, student, agent, consultant, contractor, visitor, volunteer, or other person in the school or outside the school at a school-sponsored event, on a school bus, or at training facilities/programs sponsored by the District.   

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  • Equity, Diversity & School Climate

    1400 NW 14th Court

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311

    Phone: 754-321-1655

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    Aimee C. Wood

    Family Counselor