Classroom Meetings

  • Class Meeting Research indicates class meetings can enhance relationships, increase effective communication and problem solving, while facilitating a positive, caring school climate for learning.  Class meetings are an ongoing prevention and intervention tool designed to enhance students' social and ethical development, while increasing school, teacher and peer connectedness. Meetings are designed to create a safe, open environment where students feel safe to explore emotions, concerns, and find support. During these meetings and as an integral part of the process, social and emotional learning (SEL) occurs. The teacher acts as a facilitator using storytelling, role-playing, discussion, and reflection to guide exploration of relevant issues such as peer aggression, bullying, diversity, etc. 

    Meetings should be held consistently throughout the school in every classroom, at minimum every week. They allow students to grow individually, while the classrooms and school grow as a group. 
    Access the Class Meetings Implementation Toolkit Outline or go to our SharePoint class meetings resource folder now.