Suite360: Intervention Curriculum

  • The Suite360Suite360 is an expertly developed social-emotional learning (SEL) online curriculum with interactive text- and video-based lessons. Social-emotional learning improves school climates, learning, and test scores, making the Suite360 behavioral health intervention lessons the smartest way to turn discipline into a positive learning experience for students. Each lesson is also rooted in at least one of the five Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies to meet the industry’s highest and most accepted standards. 

    The Suite360: Intervention is a behavioral intervention curriculum for a wide range of challenging behaviors, as seen in this course subject area list. The lessons help students learn from their actions because research has shown the healthiest and most effective way to address challenging behavior is to approach each incident as a learning opportunity and a positive exercise in empathy. With Suite360: Intervention, students who commit infractions are provided a digital lesson mapped to their specific infraction designed to be meaningful, impactful, and to reduce the likelihood of repeated misbehavior.

  • What is SEL & CASEL?

    Suite360 social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum provides online lessons and companion guides for students, parents and teachers on topics related to SEL, character education, mental health care and the prevention of substance misuse. SEL improves school climates, learning, and test scores. Since the inception of Suite360:, they have taken care to also align their lessons with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) to ensure they meet the industry’s highest and most accepted standards. Each Suite360 lesson is rooted in at least one of the five CASEL competencies.

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  • The Student Lesson Crosswalk

    The School Board of Broward County, Florida has approved the Evolution Labs: Suite360 Intervention curriculum (a Navigate360 company) for schools with grades K-12. Schools may use the resource as a prevention curriculum in individual classrooms. However, when a student has committed a violation of School Board Policy 5.8, Code of Student Conduct, schools are expected to issue an applicable Suite360 lesson for the incident violation for completion during the student’s assignment to in-school suspension, alternative-to-external suspension, or external suspension. View this course subject area list to learn more about the available lessons.

    The lesson crosswalks below offer suggested lessons students can be assigned during the suspension period, but schools maintain full discretion to assign a lesson they deem to be more appropriate based on the totality and nuance of the circumstances.

  • BCPS Staff Information on Suite360

    BCPS staff may learn more about Suite360: Intervention by reading the Guide to Student Behavioral Intervention for K-12 Schools.

    BCPS instructional staff access Suite 360 by going to their Clever dashboard and clicking on the Suite360 icon. For step-by-step instructions, click on "Help" once you are logged into Suite360 or view the District's Suite 360 training.

    Staff may also go to our Navigate360 SharePoint site page to view instructional videos and guides.

  • Parent Information on Suite360

    Research has shown detention and suspension do not positively impact student behavior, and in many cases reward bad behavior, keep students in the classroom where they belong with digital intervention learning.

    Suite360: Intervention is designed to turn discipline into a learning opportunity and reduce repeated infractions by helping students learn the consequences of their behavior with empathy. The library of lessons includes focused lessons on such topics as:

    • Drugs, alcohol and vaping
    • Bullying and cyberbullying
    • Tardiness and absenteeism
    • Respect
    • Digital citizenship
    • Racial equity
    • Equity and tolerance
    • Fighting and aggression
    • Academic integrity

    View the course subject area list and the Guide to Student Behavioral Intervention for K-12 Schools to learn more about Suite360.

    Parents wishing to preview Suite360 Intervention lessons may do so by following these step-by-step directions

  • For Technical Assistance

    School-based staff and students may access Suite360 via the Single Sign-On/Clever dashboard. For technical assistance, schools may contact Navigate360 at or call the Navigate360 Support Line at 1-330-661-0106. For additional support or usage guidance, contact us at 754-321-1655.