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  • Where can I obtain a student identification number?

    Before completing a magnet application, you will need to ensure that your child has a student identification number with Broward County Public Schools. You may secure the identification number from your child's home boundary school or any Broward County Public School.

  • How do I submit most recent report card and FAST PM 3 test scores?

    Please visit the School Choice website for more information.

    If FAST PM3 scores are not available, applicants must provide nationally recognized standardized test scores in reading and mathematics.

  • Can I apply to more than one magnet program?

    There are 3 School Choice options for your child:

    • Reassignment
    • Magnet Program (only one magnet program)
    • Nova School

    You can apply to all three School Choice options listed above, but you can only apply to one magnet program. 

  • Can I track the status or make changes to my child’s application?

    Yes. Tracking your child’s status or making changes to your child’s application is fast and simple. Please visit the School Choice website for more information.

  • When will I be notified of my acceptance into a Magnet school?

    Please visit the School Choice website for more information.

  • If my child is in a Magnet School and applies to a different Magnet Program, does he/she automatically get in?

    No. However, if your child is in a Magnet Program and applies to a secondary program by the deadline date, and meets the academic criteria, he/she will be given priority placement in filling the available seats. If a student chooses a different theme, priority placement WILL NOT be given. There is no automatic transfer.

  • Can I give my completed application to my child’s guidance counselor and have them mail it to the Office of School Choice?

    No, It is YOUR responsibility to guarantee that your child's application is submitted online to the Office of School Choice by the deadline date. 

    Please visit the School Choice website for more information.

  • Is there a cost to attend a Magnet Program?

    No, Magnet Programs are free to students.

  • Is transportation provided?

    Yes, transportation is provided by The Broward County School District to Magnet Schools for Magnet students who reside more than 2 miles from the school based on Magnet Transportation Zones.

  • Is there a cost for transportation if my child is accepted?

    No, Magnet students are provided transportation at no cost within designated Magnet Transportation zones.

  • Will I automatically be registered at the Magnet School after I am accepted into the program?

    No. You must register at the school following acceptance into the Magnet Program. The Office of School Choice sends acceptance letters to designated students, indicating a designated registration period. All students must register during that time period to guarantee a spot in the program.

  • If my child is currently enrolled in a Magnet Program, do they need to reapply?

    Current magnet students do not need to apply in order to remain in their present magnet school. However, magnet students in the 5th and 8th grades must apply for middle and high school magnet programs.

  • If my child is currently attending a Magnet Program in another county and we move, are they automatically transferred into the Broward County Magnet Program?

    No, you will need to complete an application to enroll your child in the Broward County Magnet Programs. Placement in a Magnet Program will be based on space availability, along with academic/talent criteria at the secondary level.

  • If my child is not accepted at their “choice” Magnet School, how do I request another choice Magnet School?

    Contact the Office of School Choice at 754-321-2480 to request that your child be considered at their second choice Magnet School.

  • When will I receive the transportation schedule?

    The transportation schedule is mailed to eligible parents the week prior to the first day of school.  

  • Do I need to apply if the Magnet School is my home boundary school?

    A School Choice magnet program application is not required for students who live within the school’s attendance area. Parents may contact the school for information on how to participate in the magnet program.

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