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  • Five BCPS vehicles used for the Driver's Ed Program

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    Updated December 1, 2023

    Would you trust a pilot who went to Flight School online?
    Our courses have cars and actually put students behind the wheel.

    The Driver Education Program is offered by Broward County Public Schools at 12 locations and is free of charge. 

Instructors Certification

  • All of Broward County Public Schools Driver’s Education instructors are state-certified. Certification in Driver’s Education requires successful completion of three high-level, college Driver’s Education courses.  After the courses are completed, instructors send their transcripts to Florida’s Department of Education (DOE). The Florida DOE then does a final check before the endorsement is added to their teaching certificates.  The Florida DOE checks their criminal background, driving records and that the curriculum was completed at an accredited university.

Drivers Education Teacher Endorsement Program

  • Nova SouthEastern University

    In order to become a Driver's Education Instructor, you must complete 3 college level courses to become endorsed through the State of Florida. Broward County Public Schools has partnered with Nova Southeastern University and is offering the endorsement program. All of the courses need to be taken in a sequential order. Classes will be offered during the summer.

    Additional information on endorsement classes

    For additional information, please reach out to Dillon Giorgis at 754-321-1871.

Contact Information

  • Applied Learning

    600 SE Third Avenue

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301

    Phone: 754-321-1878

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    Susan M. Cantrick


Driver's Education Contact Information

  • Dillon Giorgis
    Curriculum Supervisor: Driver's Education 754-321-1871 

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