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    (Updated September 14, 2022)

    2022 - 2023 School Year

    Fall 2022 Registration Date:

    August 31st at 8 AM

    Fall 2022 Schedule:

    Saturday mornings from September 10th – November 5th

    Class Time: Saturdays from 8:00am – 12:00PM

    Registration opens up at 8 AM on the date listed above. Many of our sites fill up quickly.  In order to secure a seat in one of our Driver’s Education classes, please try to register as close to 8 AM as possible.


    • Students must be 15 years of age on or before the first class session.
    • Driver's Education classes are for current students only. If a student graduates or withdraws from high school prior to the start date of a session, they are no longer eligible to participate in the program.

Public & Charter School Students

  • Public/Charter School Students: Register through the Driver’s Ed website.

    Note: You will not be able to register until 8 AM on the date of registration.

    1. Go to the Driver’s Ed Website (Driver's Education Website) and click on the registration link in the yellow box. Use Google Chrome or Firefox (Safari has history of glitching) as those browsers tend to be most effective.  
    2. Log in as Student. 
    3. Enter student number and date of birth in the format given.
      If your birthday is Jan. 2, 2002, you enter 01/02/2002 (don't forget the slashes) 
    4. Under “Student Info”, click on Driver’s Education. 
    5. In the next window, click schedule. 
    6. Select location and time. 
    7. Click “reserve seat”. 
    8. To ensure registration was successful, click on "Student Info". If registered, location and time will be indicated.

    The registration screen will appear in a new window. Some popup blockers will prevent the screen from appearing and may need to be temporarily disabled in order to register (see below for allowing pop-ups and clearing cache). 

    If you are still having difficulties registering and using the website using Chrome or Firefox, try to allow pop ups Disable pop-up blockers in Chrome or Disable pop-up blockers in Firefox  or clearing your cache (Clearing Cache - Google Chrome).

Private School Students

  • Private school students register via email ( at 8 AM on the date of registration

    If you send an email prior to 8 AM on the date of registration you will receive an automated response stating that you have not been registered. Any time after 8 AM on the date of registration you will receive an automated response that says, “We have received your registration request and we will email you a confirmation in the next 3 business days”. 

    Please include the following information in your email.  

    1. Have you ever been a Broward County Public School (BCPS) student?
    2. Student name  
    3. DOB  
    4. City and State of Birth  
    5. Gender  
    6. Ethnicity - African American/Asian/Hispanic or Latino ethnicity/Alaskan Native or Native American/White  
    7. Address including City, State, and Zip Code  
    8. Phone number  
    9. Current School attending
    10. Current Grade 
    11. Top 3 choices of location for Driver’s Education in preferential order
      Example: 1. Plantation, 2. Nova, 3. Cypress Bay 
    12. Please indicate the session preference (Not Applicable Fall 2022)

McKay Scholarship

  • McKay Scholarship students should contact their program administrator prior to registering for Driver’s Education. Part of the credit and grade procedures has us enroll your child into Broward County Public Schools, which could cause your student to lose their scholarship.

Contact Information

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