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    The physical education program emphasizes the development of fundamental locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills through the main content areas of movement education, educational games, dance, and gymnastics. The movement framework, (space awareness, effort, and relationships) is the basis for developing, expanding, and refining children’s range of motor skills and awareness. Quality instruction by physical education professionals is critical if children are to develop fundamental motor patterns (e.g. jump, throw, skip, hop, catch, dribble, volley and kick). The motor skill foundations established in elementary grades may enhance children’s social, cognitive and physical development and increase the likelihood of continued interest and participation in physical activity. Fitness at elementary grades is supported by a rich experience in many basic movement forms.

    Secondary physical education, grades 6 - 12, includes development beyond the basic skills and concepts and focuses on application, responsibility, participation, and an appreciation for sports and physical activities.  Students may choose from a wide variety of electives that promote physical literacy and physical fitness.

    In Broward County Public Schools, physical education is part of the required curriculum. BCPS follows the PE Legislation for physical education in grades K - 12.

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