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  • Broward County Public Schools and Chess4Life are partners on a hands-on approach to chess. The Broward Chess Initiative affords all second grade students and all K-12 chess clubs with access to high-quality instruction and participation in a program that engages young minds, teaching critical and creative thinking skills.

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Important Information

  • Online Chess Classes

  • Chess After-School Authorization Form

  • Yes, Chess! 

    Did you know there are more possible chess games than atoms in the known universe? We say yes to chess! Executive functions including memory, self-control and problem solving are all used and practiced in a game of chess.  Essential skills of focus, choices and planning are all taught and then played out at a chess board.  Players have the unique opportunity to build their mental stamina as well as recover from a mistake and show persistence.  

    Chess Now!

    Students at Broward County Public Schools have been actively involved in chess thanks to an initiative including direct services from Chess4life. All K-12 students and teachers have access to high-quality instruction and resources, including video lessons, puzzles and games.  

    Students and teachers can find the chess app on Clever.

    chess 4 life


    Teachers have found the online platform with short instructional videos helpful to teach chess topics.  Students enjoy the practice and play option.  Second grade classrooms around the district have included chess instruction into their schedules.  Chess and Math lessons mapped directly to BEST standards can be found under the Additional Resources tab in the

    Teacher teaching students          Find and make Symmetry - Chess 4 Life 

    Teacher Zone on the Chess4Life app on Clever.  We know that Math Matters!  

    Chess Elective Classes

    Growing in popularity, chess elective classes give students the opportunity to learn and play chess during school hours.  Teachers have access to the Chess4Life curriculum and have the freedom to design and implement classes to meet the needs of their students.   

    Students learning about chess






    After-School Clubs

    After-School Clubs are happening around the district and include elementary, middle and high school students. Coaches use the club design and curriculum to help students improve their game and work together as a team at tournaments. There is a club meeting near you. 

    After school clubs     





    Online Classes

    Live online after-school chess classes are available throughout the school year with instruction and practice led by Chess4Life coaches.  Classes typically begin in September and run through June.  Check back here for more information on dates and times of classes.  

    Broward Online Chess Classes pdf

     Online Chess Classes Flyer

    Afterschool Authorization Form pdf   

    Afterschool Extracurricural and Supplemental Program Form

    This form is required to participate in the after-school chess club meetings, online chess sessions, and Saturday tournaments. Please send the completed form to


    Broward School District tournaments are a fun way for students to use what they have learned in a competitive setting. 

    Congratulations to our Spring Chess Championship Tournament Winners!

    Spring Chess Tournament Flyer

    Congratulations to our Winter Chess Tournament Winners!

    Winter Chess Tournament Winners

    Tournament Championship          Tournament


    School-Based Chess Events!

    Central Park Elementary hosted a "Family Chess Night" on December 7th with more than 65 people attending, including Principal Turner engaged in chess activities. 

    Families playing chess  Central Park Elementary hosted a "Family Chess Night" on December 7th.

    Win, Draw or Learn!  

    We know that practice makes progress and that a loss is an opportunity to learn.  Along with the skills of decision making and persistence, positive life skills are encouraged at a chess board. Goal setting, respect, and sportsmanship, are just a few of the positive life skills that are woven into the chess curriculum.

    Students in the cafeteria engaging in the game of chess          Central Park Elementary Chess Club          Students learning about the game of chess


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