Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • Who is eligible to take Driver’s Education?

    All High School students who reside in Broward County and are at least 15 years of age. You must be a current student. If you graduate or withdraw from High School, you are no longer eligible to take Driver’s Education. Mckay Scholarship and Home School students should contact their program administrator prior to registering. The registration procedure requires us to enroll the student into Broward County Public Schools.

  • Where can I take Driver’s Ed?

    Driver’s Education is currently offered at 16 locations throughout Broward County. The locations are: Boyd Anderson, Coconut Creek, Coral Glades, Coral Springs, Cypress Bay, Dillard, Deerfield Beach, Everglades, Flanagan, McArthur, Northeast, Nova, Plantation, Taravella, and West Broward. You may sign up for any school you choose regardless of where you attend regular high school classes.

  • How do I sign up for Driver’s Education?

    Driver’s Ed registration is done through Virtual Counselor. Log in to Virtual Counselor as a student using your Broward County Student I.D. number and your birthdate. Select Driver’s Ed from the drop down menu and follow the prompts to register. Firefox browser is preferred for best results. Private School Students register via email on the specific day and time of registration. Click here for more information.

  • Can I sign up for Driver’s Education prior to the registration date?

    No, the registration dates are designed to give everyone access to Driver’s Education at the same time to make it as fair as possible. It is recommended that you register as close to the date and time as possible. If you have problems during registration please call 754-321-1871 for help.

  • What do I need to bring?

    Students should arrive for the first day of Driver’s Education with a folder and something to write with. They will receive a study guide and several handouts on the first day. The BCPS dress code is enforced just like a regular class with the exception of footwear. No flip flops or sandals are permitted for Driver’s Ed. Students who have their restricted license should bring it to every class. You can not drive without it.

  • Where do I need to go for Driver’s Ed?

    On the first day of class students should report to the Driver’s Ed Range. Instructors will be outside in bright yellow shirts directing students to the classroom.

  • The class I want to take is full. What are my options?

    We do not have a waiting list for full classes. The reason is if a student does not show up for the first day we must hold their spot in case they show up for the second class (students are permitted to miss one day). Once the student misses the second class they are dropped. Unfortunately it is too late to add. If the time slot you are looking for is full, you may register for the same site but for a different time slot. After the second class meets, the Lead Instructor may permit a student to switch time slots if the numbers allow it. This is not a guarantee. If both classes at a particular site are full, you must select a site that has vacancies or wait for the next session.

  • Is a Restricted License required to take Driver’s Education?

    No. A Restricted License is recommended but not required. Students who do not have a restricted license can only participate in the classroom and driving on our driving range in a controlled environment. Student’s who have their restricted license will be able to go out on the road with one of our certified instructors as well as participating in the classroom and driving ran

  • How much does Driver’s Education cost?

    There is no fee to take Driver’s Ed in Broward County.

  • Can I earn high school credit for taking Driver’s Education?

    Yes. Students who take Driver’s Ed can earn a half credit elective.

  • How does the no grade option work?

    The no grade option is for students who have at least a 4.0-weighted G.P.A. and do not want a grade for Driver’s Ed. A student with a G.P.A. over a 4.0 could lower their class rank by earning an A in a regular elective class. Students are given a form on the first day of class and must get their parents signature. The student is then required to satisfy all requirements of the class and earn an A for the class. If all of the above requirements are met, the student will not receive a grade for the class.

  • Can I take Driver’s Education more than once?

    Yes. If you take Driver’s Education with us and want to take it again to get more driving time, you may audit the course and take it again for no grade. You simply register for the course again and at the end of the course you will not receive a grade.

  • I took Driver’s Ed and got my permit. Can I take it again to get my license?

    Yes, as long as you have your permit for one year you can take your road test with one of our DMV certified testers.

  • What if I am absent from a class?

    Students are permitted to miss one class of Driver’s Education. If the student misses a second class, they are automatically dropped from the class with no penalty. They may re-register for the next session. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • Is this program affiliated with on line Driver’s Education?

    No. Broward County Public Schools Driver’s Ed is in no way affiliated with any on line driving program or any private driving school. Our class actually puts students behind the wheel of cars. A student may take our class after taking the on line version but can only receive credit for the class once. A student who takes BCPS Driver’s Ed is still responsible for all components of the class including but not limited to attendance and classroom requirements.

  • How do I get my license once I complete the Driver’s Education class?

    After successful completion of the Driver’s Education course students may go to the DMV for their license the first Tuesday after the last day of class. The DMV has a paperless system and students are entered into the third party waiver system. If you have any problems at the DMV please ask to speak with a supervisor and tell them you are entered into the third party waiver system. If you still have problems you must contact your test administrator via email. Student’s are provided with contact information for their test administrator on the last day of class.

  • Will I get a discount on my insurance for completing Driver’s Ed?

    Some insurance companies offer a discount and some do not. Please check with your insurance company. If you lose your certificate, follow the instructions on the main page of the website to print another one.

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