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    (Updated August 21, 2023)


    Broward County Public Schools is excited to offer third-party testing at all of our Driver’s Education locations. Third-Party Testing allows our DELAP state-certified instructors to give both the restricted test and the driving test to our students that qualify.  After a student passes the test and completes the course, they may visit a local DMV office and have their picture taken and their license made.

    The restricted license test will be given at the school that hosts the Driver’s Education program.  Driving tests will be given toward the end of the session. This will allow the student time to practice all of the skills needed to be successful in passing the driving exam. During the first week of the class, dates and testing times will be made available by the lead instructor at each site.



Passed the Test, Now What?

  • You must schedule an appointment with your local DMV to receive your learner's permit or driver's license. Please note: you will have 365 days from the day you pass your examination to go to the DMV to receive your permit or license. After 365 days, you will need to retake the exam. 


Trouble at the DMV?

  • When a student successfully completes Driver’s Ed and passes their DMV test, they can go to their local DMV office to get their actual license/permit following the last day of class. This is done through a paperless system using the student’s social security number. You do not need to bring your certificate with you. The certificate is for your records only or for use by your insurance company if they offer a discount. On the rare occasion, a student may encounter a problem at the DMV. Please follow these helpful hints to minimize that risk.

    Make an appointment to get your license at the DMV. Prior to showing up at the DMV, make a request to ensure your name is in the system. Tell them you are part of the DELAP Provider System (Drivers Licensing Assistance Program). That means a third party (Broward County Public Schools) gave you your test and they should be able to check and verify this using your social security number. We do not provide students with 4-hour drug and alcohol certificates. Completing the course satisfies that requirement. If the DMV asks for you for the 4-hour drug and alcohol certificate, please tell them you are part of the DELAP Provider System and kindly ask for a supervisor.

    If a student gives our DMV Instructors wrong information problems can occur. Most of the time it is because the student provides our instructor with the wrong social security number or other important information. If this occurs, only the DMV Instructor who tested the student is permitted to fix these issues. Please reach out to Dillon Giorgis at 754-321-1871 to coordinate this resolution.

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Driver's Education Contact Information

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