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    Located in South Florida’s diverse socio-economic and cultural community, the Broward Area STEM Ecosystem (BASE) strives to increase the focus on STEM opportunities, engagement, and benefits within the tri-county area. This collection of diversified participants works collaboratively to define STEM pathways, support local STEM initiatives within programs, and provide a network of mentorship and volunteerism opportunities between the school districts and local businesses that utilize STEM.

    For more information, visit http://basestem.org/ or email info@basestem.org or browardstem@browardschools.com

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    Science Near Me logo Science Near Me is a free resource and directory to help quickly find opportunities to engage in STEM events, projects, programs, and experiences, both in person and online, including: science projects, museum events, science festivals, out-of-school time programs, maker faires, public science policy forums, astronomy clubs, science cafes, and more.

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    Please visit the Environmental Initiatives site resources at https://www.browardschools.com/Page/52866 

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    STEAM Mystery Bag and Coding and Robotic STEM Challenges K-12

  • Fabulous Events that the STEM+Computer Science Staff Presented and Provided Resources

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    Environmental Stewards - Broward Schools

    Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) (January 17, 2020):
    Hands On STEAM Application of Computer Science
    Lead Presenter: Rebecca Malones
    Co-Presenter: Sheryl Arriola
    2020 Makey Makey Activities Links
    Makey Makey Interactive Board Activities

    Florida League of Middle School (October 18, 2019): 

    PBL Portal - Solving Authentic Problems in Middle Grades and Green PBL Opportunities, Recognition and Rewards

    Presenters: Sheryl Arriola, Rebecca Malones, Cindy Griffin
    Presentation: STEM + CS PBL Environmental Presentation
    2019 Broward PBL Portal SciStater one pager rev 05102019.pdf
    2019 Environmental PBL Resources.pdf
    2019 Projects on Broward Portal.pdf

    Redefining the Block: Minecraft in the Curriculum
    Presenters: Erik Leitner, Belinda Beckford
    Presentation: education.minecraft.net
    Handout: https://browardschools.instructure.com/courses/123/pages/minecraft-education-edition

    2019 Gifted Symposium (September 26, 2019)

    Handouts: Minecraft Info and Lever with Linkage Activity; Minecraft Info and Simple Lever ActivitySeed Dispersal Engineering Design Project

    JDETF Presentation (April 6, 2019) - Empower Your Content with STEM & Computer Science
    Presenters: Erik Leitner, Sheryl Arriola, and Rebecca Malones
    Handout: JDETF Handout (STEM+CS Integration)
    Micro:bit in Makerspace presentation: bit.ly/microbitsway
    Makey Makey Presentation
    Presenter Information

    2018 Gifted Symposium
     (Nov. 2, 2018) -
    "Empower your Content with STEM & Computer Science"  - Lisa Milenkovic, Sheryl Arriola, Debra Thomas, Annmargareth Marousky, Cynthia Griffin, Erik Leitner, Rebecca Malones, Justin Feller – Applied Learning – All Levels, SCI, STEM - STEM, especially computer science, is integrated throughout every aspect of daily life, yet often, in isolation in the school day. Engage students and empower your lessons by integrating STEM and computer science into all content areas. This presentation will provide hands-on centers that dem2018 Gifted Participants onstrate simple and inexpensive ways to engage and enrich students in content through explorations in STEM and computer science. Explore augmented reality, computer coding, robotics, and sensory integration in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music and physical education. Also included are tips for deliberate attention to empathy and social-emotional learning opportunities through the integration of design principles.  Participants at the Gifted Symposium are shown on the right playing with the banana piano and cereal box guitar with Makey Makey.

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STEM+CS In the News

  • Watch NBC’s Education on 6 as reporter Ari Odzer visited Beachside Montessori Village Pre-K-8 to do a story on the school’s Food Recovery program, which allows students to donate uneaten food and drink items to the homeless instead of throwing them away.  Click here to see the story (this link will take you outside of BCPS)

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  • Students from Westglades Middle School learned all about hurricanes from the Weather Rangers' exercise at the Broward Emergency Operations Center.  Watch BECON's coverage of this event at https://becontelevision

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