SECME STEM Olympiad in Broward

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    For: K-12 Students  Subject: Science | Technology | Engineering | Math

    SECME STEM Olympiad in Broward

    SECME_new_logoThe SECME STEM Olympiad program in Broward schools is a strategic alliance to renew and strengthen the professional capacity of K-12 educators, motivate and mentor students, and empower parents so that all students can learn and achieve at higher levels. STEM is a Nationwide initiative which focuses on Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The SECME – STEM Olympiad combines these two philosophies into one event and will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics principles as well as SECME national competitions. 

    Broward County students compete in mousetrap cars, water bottle rockets, banners, generator build, bionic hands, and essay. Starting in 2017-18, the Broward SECME Bridge competition is affiliated with the Broward AASHTO National Bridge competition for grades 7-12.

    BCPS Teachers are provided SECME-STEM info via email and Canvas. For more info or access to the SECME Canvas Course, please contact and 

    SECME Regional Competitions

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