Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

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    Parents & Students 


    Online Athletic Clearance:

    1. Visit
    2. Watch the brief tutorial video.
    3. Register: Your PARENT will register with a valid email, username, and password. You MUST type the code to verify you are human. If you skip this step, your account WILL NOT activate, and your clearance will be delayed.
    4. You will be logged in automatically upon verifying your account and taken to the clearance page.
    5. Select “Start Clearance” to begin the process:
    • Choose the school year in which the student plans to participate (2022 – 2023)
    • Choose the school – Coral Springs High School.
    • Choose the sport(s) the student will need clearance for.
    1. All students will need to fill out and complete the required fields for student information, parent information, educational history, medical history and all student and parent signatures.
    2. Donating to the CSHS athletics program will assist in providing additional items for the student-athletes for a quality experience for your student.
    3. Once you have reached the confirmation message, you have completed the process. There is no need to email or upload this form.
    4. Athletic personnel for CSHS will clear students based on uploads provided, insurance card provided and the current unweighted GPA.

    **When the student has been cleared for participation, an email notification will be sent. **

    Coral Springs High School: 7201 W. Sample Road, Coral Springs, FL 33065




    Vivian Suarez                        Darius Saunders                               Brandon Wesley

    Principal                                  Assistant Principal over Athletics      Athletic Director



    Asst. Athletic Director            Asst. Athletic Director




    Athletic Clearance Frequently Asked Questions

    What is my username? Your username is the email address that you registered with

    Multiple Sports: When you are given the option of the sport(s) your student-athlete would like to participate in, please mark off each sport they are interested in participating in so his/her clearance may be processed.

    Physicals: The physical form your school uses can be downloaded from the physicals page. We will only accept the physical uploaded online (done by uploading the completed form on step #1). The physical form is issued by the state of Florida known as the EL2 – this is the only physical that will be accepted.

    Why haven’t I been cleared? Your school will review the information you have submitted and Clear or Deny your student for participating. You will receive an email when the student is cleared.

    My sport is not listed: Please contact Brandon Wesley