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    Vivian Suarez

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     One Love, One Family

    Dear Colt Family,

    As the proud principal of Coral Springs High School, it fills my heart with great joy to be able to welcome you back to school! This season of our history has been plagued with a global pandemic and unimaginable acts of violence as well as resiliency and acts of heroism. I know that the spirit of Colt Country remains unbroken and committed to dismantling systemic inequities and inequalities as we focus our energy on being part of the real change needed to embrace diversity and inclusion. Our belief that excellence can be achieved by all is magnified by our actions toward identifying and removing barriers in our educational and social practices that may limit opportunities for our students. We will continue our path of listening to and learning from each other to continue to have unwavering mutual understanding and growth!

    I stand proudly with my school community who works diligently to prepare our students to succeed in a multi-cultural, global society by ensuring that a culturally-relevant curriculum is taught and embraced. Your careful attention to ensuring that our students have access to equitable resources and providing innovative opportunities for students to maximize their academic success and to promote social-emotional growth has always been the bedrock of our spirit of unity and strength. Like many of you, I have spent of a lot of time reflecting on what needs to happen in order for real, sustainable change to occur. I am convinced that we must all be painstakingly committed to ensuring that our fundamental core demands that we value the lives, safety, and cultural capital of every person from everywhere. As a principal who also understands the importance of human capital, I will continue to work to ensure that my school community embraces the greater importance of living their best lives through innovation, and collaboration. I know that this year will be more challenging due to several factors, but I also know that we will overcome every obstacle and prove why we are the best!

    Therefore, our core values will continue to be focused on setting high standards and establishing strong connections of support to ensure that each student feels prepared in every way to be productive and valued citizens. We will continue to promote student achievement and a positive social climate. As always, let us embark on this journey together with a pledge to each other to remain engaged in meaningful, courageous, challenging and changing work!

    I look forward our journey to higher heights!  We will do the impossible because we are forever #ColtStrong and #ColtsUnited!


    Vivian Suarez

    Vivian Suarez

    Your Proud Principal


    We are forever #ColtStrong and #MSDStrong!

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    I look forward to a successful remainder of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 754-322-0508 should you have any questions. 

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    One Team, One Goal...#ColtsUnited!”