• Per school board policy, a child must attend the boundary school where the legal guardian/parent resides. Therefore, a child cannot attend CCHS unless they move into CCHS boundaries

    The parent can request a reassignment through www.Browardschools.com from May 1 – June 15 of each year.  Reassignment applications may be submitted online or in person to the area office.  For all reassignments, the parent will have to provide transportation. For further information, visit School Choice link below and select School Boundaries.  Click on PARENTS on the top bar and select REASSIGNMENTS.

    Please refer to the link below for information about what is required to register for school. It includes a link to the School locator to determine the school(s) assigned to your home address.

    ALL ADDRESSES WILL BE VERIFIED. Providing false address information to a school is a crime.

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