A picture perfect year in DECA
  • Faculty Sponsor:  Regina Ferreira and Vicky Gambino

    Description: DECA is an international association of high school and college students studying marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality and marketing sales and service.  The purposes are to assist local charted Chapters of Florida DECA in the growth and development of occupational marketing and to promote understanding and appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our private competitive enterprise system.

    Membership Requirements:  Must take an approved class during the school year. Members pay dues, participate in chapter activities and attend meetings. Participate in at least one competition event (testing, and/or manuals). 

    Frequency: Meetings every Monday (competition prep), Socials once per month, District competition in January, State competition (Orlando) in March, International competition in April (location rotates, see Conference on the DECA Website. 

    Deca National Website, High School Division




    Francesca Jaques: President

    Mari Amezquita-Jimenez: President     

    Michael Brunt: Vice President

    Jay Nemec: VP Fundraising    

    Jocelyn Reed: VP Manual Competition    

    Soumya Joseph: VP Manual Competition    

    Amelia Gallagher: VP of Marketing & Communications    

    Gabrielle Reed: VP of Marketing & Communications    

    Austin, Jones: VP Membership    

    Katelyn Morel: VP Membership    

    Jake Adams: VP Operations    

    Cole Perullo: VP Testing Competition    

    Samantha, Liberman: Historian  

    Exec Board: Annabelle Williams Blake Aversa Ellie, Roisman Kevin, Bergen Lilly Hirsch, Madison Jockers, Mia Fraino, Wyatt King