You can report and absence on line - click here

    As a reminder, should your child(ren) be absent or tardy to school, it is necessary for you to do all of the following:

    1. Call the ATTENDANCE HOTLINE at 754-323-0202 and report that your child will be absent or arriving late to school.
    2. Please call in each absence/tardy only once and allow three business days for processing.
    3. Should your child(ren) be late to school you can either walk your child(ren) into the school OR you may complete the Absence/Tardy Form(see link below).  Should you need a new copy of this form, it is available in the Student Affairs office or it can be downloaded from the school website.
    4. If your child(ren) is late to school they MUST sign in at the front office upon arrival. Should your child(ren) fail to sign in, his/her/their tardiness will NOT be excused.

    Please refer to SBBC Student Services Attendance Department  for more detailed information regarding school attendance

    Important Information about Student Attendance and Driver’s Licenses:

    Students between 14-18 years of age who drop out of school, or who have 15 unexcused absences within 90 calendar days and have a driver’s license, will have their driver’s license suspended by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. For students who do not have a driver’s license, a license will not be issued if such non-attending students apply for one.


    Please direct any questions regarding attendance to:

    Janet Teems, Attendance Manager

    Cooper City High School

    (754) 323-0200