• CCHS Thespians



    Our goal is to get people out their shells and involved in theatre.  Whether it be on stage or working tech backstage, we want them to do what they are passionate about.  We will be having full productions, competitions, and a variety of fundraisers to get new members involved.

    Membership Requirements:
    All CCHS students are invited and encouraged to participate in all Thespian productions and events.   Students can participate in our shows, improvisation troupes, field trips and play a part in at least one full scale production as an actor or technician.   After approximately 100 hours of participation on two or more school shows, students are invited  to join the the International Thespian Society. This is a worldwide organization recognizing excellence in high school theater and offering many leadership and scholarship opportunities for its members. Students who demonstrate excellence in theater and meet further requirements will be invited to join our Troupe of the International Thespian Society as official members with voting and officer privileges.  More information will be available at regular Thespian meetings.

    The Thespians meet every other Monday in the Auditorium.  Times to be announced.