Florida Law gives all high school students the right to choose one of the two diploma options:

    • 4-year (24 credit) standard high school diploma
    • ACCEL Program (18 credits minimum)

    If a student does not make a choice, the four year option will be selected for that student. 

    Click here for Florida Depaertment of Education Standard Diploma Requirements



    Each year the Florida legislature reviews the graduation requirements for entering freshmen.  The requirements apply to only those 9th graders who enter high school in the year the requirements are established. Click here for the most current information. 



    Online Course:
    Take and pass on online class  Click here for more information on Virtual Courses.

    Health Opportunities with the Integration of Physical Education (HOPE):
    HOPE is a one-credit requirement that can be satisfied as a course or through two years of ROTC.  The physical education component of HOPE can be satisfied through two years of participating in Marching Band but Marching Band will not satisfy the personal fitness.   

    Naval Reserve Officer Trainig Corps (JNROTC):
    Two years of participation in JNROTC will satisfy the HOPE requirement as well as the Performing Arts requirement.

    Graduation Date / Commencement:  

    The graduation dates for Broward County schools are announced late December/early January.  We post the information on the website and Daily Announcements when it is available. Access STUDENT LIFE and your child's graduating class for the most updated information.