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    We cannot re-print diplomas. You must order a transcript and you can only pick it up at the front desk.

    Seniors--Final Transcripts

    Do not forget to order your final transcript through Family Connections before the last day of school for all out of state colleges. For in state colleges please make sure you fill out the Senior Survey with the BRACE Advisor. If transcripts are not ordered before the last day of school then you will have to order a hard copy with a cost of $3.00 and come back to pick it up in the front office. Family Connections will be out of service during the summer. Transcripts are processed after graduation is complete. That takes about a week after your graduation date.


    Hard copy official transcripts can be requested from the Records Retention Department for printing and mailing for $3.00 at www.browardschools.com/transcripts.

    Current Students: 

    During the school year, hard copies will be $3.00 each.  Electronic transcripts to in-state colleges are free unless you want a hard copy mailed; then the cost is $3.00.

    Summer Transcripts: 

    Order through front office using the form below.  The cost is $3.00.  All transcripts ordered during summer months are picked up at the front office. Electronic transcripts will not be available at this time. Family Connections will also be out of service during summer months.

    Former Student

    All former students can order a transcript in the front office only. The cost for a hard copy is $3.00 and must be paid for when ordering transcript. If transcript is to be mailed make sure you provide the address that transcript is to be mailed to. The turnaround is 24 hours and can be picked up in the front office, please bring ID. Electronic transcripts to Florida state schools are free. If a former student lives out of town then you must mail your order in with a $3.00 money order, Atten: Erica Rodriguez.

    GED or 2014 graduates and earlier:

    We no longer have your information.  
    Please contact Broward County School Board Records Retention at 754-321-3150 for your records
    or go to SBBC Records.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.