• Prices for School High School Lunch and Breakfast

    All cafeteria prices will remain the same for the 2019/20 school year.  Breakfast is FREE for ALL students

    Student Breakfast   FREE lunch  $2.50
    Adult Breakfast   $1.80 lunch  $2.75

    The current cost for a pint of milk is 50¢ and ice cream is 65¢.  

    In addition to the menu listed on the calendars, we offer:

    • Breakfast: cereal, biscuit fruit juice and milk.  Tuesday and Thursday: yogurt parfait.

    • Lunch: Fresh Fruit & Canned Fruit Toss Salads, Juice & Milk, Vegan - Black & Beans and Rice, Variety of Pre-Packed Salads, Pizzas, and Hot & Cold Sandwiches.

    Managing your Meal Account

    • Payments for student meal accounts can be made on-line by registering at MySchoolBucks.com. There is a Help Desk line for assistance: 1-855-832-5226.  You will need the student FSI number to enroll.
    • Students are not allowed to share meal numbers. This is strictly prohibited. All students are assigned a unique meal number. If for any reason a student does not know their number or can't remember it they can ask the cafeteria manager or a cashier to look their number up for them. There should be no reason for a student to ask to use another students number. 
    • No charging of meals is allowed in High school. If you have any questions or concerns regarding meals please see the cafeteria manager.

    Policies Regarding Cash Transactions in the Cafeteria

    • The Cafeteria staff can only accept $50 OR $100 bills as a DEPOSIT into a students meal account. These bills CAN NOT be used for purchases with cash back. NO CHANGE CAN BE GIVEN FOR THESE BILLS.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • We can accept smaller denominations, such as $20 and $10 FOR PURCHASES ONLY. Students must buy something in order to get change.
    • There is also NO CHARGING OR LENDING OF ANY MONEY between staff and students.