Science Club Flyer



    Club Sponsor: Ms. Watkins  



    Membership Requirements: Science club is open to anyone who is interested in science and likes doing different experiments. To join please sign up during Rush Week. 


    Frequency: Every other Wednesday after school in Room 4025 


    Description: Throughout the year we do fun experiments using common household items. The members break up into groups and work together to create something which we test later in the meeting. As we go through the experiment members will learn about the science behind the experiment's work and how they can apply it to their everyday lives.  


    Contacts: To reach us, you can contact our Remind and Instagram or email Mr. Santiago. 

    • Remind: @cc-sciclub 

    • Instagram: @scienceclubofcchs 

    • Email: santiagoschool32@gmail.com 


    Sponsor: Kaitlyn Watkins 
    President- Maya Vézina
    Vice President- Dawn-Aleice Rosier
    Treasurer- Jason Xu
    Historian- Sarah Mohammed
    Secretary- Erika Poirier