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  • Principal Perkovic Cooper City High School Family,

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! As the proud principal of Cooper City High School, I am so excited to welcome you back. I have been blessed to be a part of the CCHS community for the past five years and it is truly an honor and privilege to serve this amazing community as your Principal this year.
    Being a Cowboy is truly something special. Our students and staff take great pride in being a part of the culture of high expectations, well-established Tradition of Excellence, and Cowboy Pride. Our student success is attributed to the partnerships and relationships we have built within our Cooper City community: our amazing students, engaged parents, committed faculty and staff, and supportive community members are what makes CCHS some place special.
    I would like to formally congratulate the CCHS students, faculty, staff, and community as once again Cooper City High School is one of the top high schools in the district. A true culture of excellence exists here, and I am honored to be surrounded by such an amazing group of students, parents, staff, and community members. The Florida Department of Education recognized CCHS as a School of Excellence. Recent rankings by US News and World Report named CCHS a recipient of the Silver Medal for being one of the 2020 Best High Schools and one of America's Most Challenging High Schools among over 22,000 public high schools nationwide. These rankings are based on student performance and how well we prepare our students for college. Hence, our "A" rating and Tradition of Excellence. I can proudly state that the faculty, staff, and students rose to the occasion and that our tradition of excellence and our "Cowboy Pride" is alive and well despite the challenges we have all faced with the global pandemic. On behalf of our entire Cooper City Community, I would like to thank Ms. Doll for her outstanding leadership, years of service, passion, and commitment to Cooper City High School. Her legacy of hard work and love for our students will endure. Personally, I thank her for her guidance and mentorship over the past five years. 
    Although this year looks different than any other year, we are committed to providing your child a memorable, interactive, and engaging eLearning experience. We are on this journey together. Our CCHS dedicated teachers LOVE what they do and have engaged in a tremendous amount of training over the summer. They have worked tirelessly to ensure they were ready to welcome back our students to an engaging and enriching eLearning experience and are eager to set your child up for future success. While we have all been hard at work to make this online transition a success, let's also be mindful to show patience and grace. This is a new journey for ALL of us and there is truly a learning curve for all: students must navigate new schedules and online features, parents must understand how to best support their children, and teachers must pivot from hypothetical trainings to real-world scenarios. So, let’s enter this uncharted territory willing to give one another the benefit of the doubt and some much-needed patience. I thank you for being understanding if things don't go as planned or if your child or the teacher experience technical difficulties. Flexibility, patience, and grace. We are all #inthisTOGETHER.
               As your new Principal, I look forward to continuing to build on the well-established tradition of excellence and working together with all stakeholders to prepare our students for life after high school. I am a compassionate, motivating, servant leader with an innate desire to see all students succeed and reach their highest potential. As such, my goal is to continue to provide a safe, nurturing, engaging, supportive, and inclusive learning environment for every student. I strive to ensure students are adequately prepared for college, career, and life, and that their social-emotional needs are met. I am a transparent and supportive leader who advocates for equity for all, understanding the needs of our diverse school population, actively engages with the community and cultivates a learning environment of high expectations and commitment to excellence. I also strive for innovation and welcome the input from students, faculty, and the community. I am committed to continuing to improve student achievement through innovative pedagogical practices while building a culture of kindness, care, and compassion.
               This year, Team Cooper will be focusing on all of the positives that we can take from this experience as the role models in our children's lives. It is important that we display a positive attitude towards eLearning each and every day as we begin the school year in a rigorous full eLearning model centered around high standards, coupled with an intentional focus on social-emotional learning and growth for all students. I encourage you to do the same at home. Our theme for this school year is #TheTimeIsNow....
               I assure you that Cooper City High School will continue a tradition of excellence to maintain its place as a highly recognized school. High school is an exciting time for our students to discover who they are and what they value. It is the sense of belonging that will inspire in them the confidence to try new things, to grow in ways that they had not anticipated, and to aspire for more than they had previously imagined. We all learn the most in a place that is dedicated to students seeking to reach their full potential, and in a place that is caring and supportive of the child’s whole self.
              I appreciate your partnership and encourage you to reach out to me and my team if we can be of assistance to you. Together, we will make this year a GREAT year!
    #TheTimeIsNow #InThisTogether


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    With Cowboy Pride,
    Vera Perkovic
    Cooper City High School
    Twitter: @Principal_CCHS
    Phone: 754-323-0200Bio: Ms. Perkovic has been an educator with Broward County Public Schools for the past 16 years. She served as a biology and chemistry teacher for 7 years and an administrator for 9 years, five of which she served as an Intern Principal at Cooper City High School. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Oakland University and a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. Both of her parents were educators and so she grew up in an environment where education was always held to a higher standard. Ms. Perkovic is a proud mom of two boys and enjoys spending time with her family.
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