School Mission and Beliefs

  • Cooper City High School

    Continuing "A" Tradition of  Excellence. 


    Cooper City High School believes that all students should be provided with a safe
    educational opportunity, so that they may fulfill their responsibilities
    as productive citizens in our global society.


    We, the Cooper City High School learning community, believe that education should:

    Provide students with a diverse curriculum that fosters individual development.
    Provide an environment conducive to the the development of thinking and learning skills.
    Contribute to creating responsible citizens.
    Facilitate life-long learning.
    Facilitate a community partnership.
    Provide a safe and secure environment for all students to develop socially and emotionally.
    Promote a respect for diversity.
    Evaluate, reflect and improve the focus of our mission and beliefs on a continual basis.

    Red, Black and White

    Pistol Pete

    Oh, Cooper City High School
    We Praise thee.
    You have given Pride and Truth
    To grow and prevail.
    Voices now declare our spirit,
    Brotherhood and Love,
    Union of Red, Black and White, we hail!


    Parents interested in providing input into the performance evaluations of Cooper City High School instructional and/or administrative employee evaluations many contact our office at (754) 323-0200 by April 12, 2019.