Helping Overcome Problems Effectively (H.O.P.E) 

    If you want friends that feel like family, a group you belong to, H.O.P.E Sunshine Club is for you! Join us for real life discussions and talks about hard topics like bullying, fitting in, suicide prevention and more. Join the H.O.P.E Sunshine Club and become part of the solution and help spread H.O.P.E today! 


    Why join H.O.P.E? 

    ~Learn how to solve and cope with problems effectively 

    ~Be a part of the H.O.P.E teen board (looks great on college applications!) 

    ~Learn leadership skills 

    ~Be a part of community events 

    ~Volunteer and service hour opportunities 

    Team HOPE



    Meet our H.O.P.E club officers: 

    President- Jamie Hopler

    Vice President- Jalissa Ulysse

    Secretary- Marianne Murphy

    Sponsor- Ms. Joseph, School Counselor  


    Membership Requirements- Attend meetings and participate in community events 

    Frequency- Every other Monday from 2:50pm –3:50pm in Guidance room #3908