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    Together we are H.elping O.vercome P.roblems E.ffectively! 
    Looking for a group of friends that are like family? A group that you can belong to? Look no further! HOPE Sunshine Club is the club for YOU! Join us as we discuss real life issues that you face every day and discuss hard topics like bullying, fitting in, suicide prevention, substance abuse, and more. Join the HOPE Sunshine Club and become part of the solution and offer someone HOPE TODAY! 
    Why join HOPE?
    - Be a part of the HOPE Teen Board - Looks great on college applications!!
    - Learn Leadership Skills
    - Learn How to Solve and Cope with Problems Effectively 
    - Be a Part of Community Events 
    - Volunteer and Service Hour Opportunities
    Meet our HOPE Club Officers
    Board Members
    President - Brandaly Mora ♥ Vice President - Elena Valdez ♥ Treasurer - Maheen Hussaini ♥ Secretary - Paola Billini
    Event Coordinator - Pebbles Indriago
    Membership Requirements: Attend meetings, participate in community events and submit yearly club dues of $15.
    Frequency: Twice a month on Mondays from 2:45pm - 3:45pm in Guidance Room# 3908.
    Faculty Sponsor: Danielle Ramirez