• Faculty Sponsor:  Mr. Alfredo Pichardo


    Description: To create programming that best reflects and promotes student life at Cooper City High School. While CTV News and its other productions intend to entertain and educate, its main focus is to keep the student body and faculty informed of all the great activities and achievements CCHS students participate in each day.

    Membership Requirements:  Take Multi-Media Production 1 Class.  CTV staff are chosen by the advisor.

    Frequency: Every other Tuesday in Room 4107 @ 2:35 pm.




    Halloween Horror Night is sponsored by CTV. Oct 29th

    INFO for Trip: 



      • You will report to the Auditorium at 1 pm.. Immediately after B Lunch 
      • All your school bookbags have to be stored in the luggage compartment under your bus prior to entering the auditorium to be searched. (or leave at home)
      • YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS to your bookbags till we return on Saturday Morning. (DO NOT leave anything you need)
      • Make sure to bring a portable charger for your phone
      • Bring a photo ID
      • You MAY bring UNOPENED snacks or water on the BUS in a small bag.
      • NO BLANKETS on BUS - Bring sweats (its gets cold on the bus)
      • Assigned seating on the bus due to covid tracking (You cannot change buses, the list will be posted outside auditorium)
      • FOOD is NOT included in the price
      • You may leave stuff on the bus - BUS or CCHS is not responsible for anything left there, but we have never had any issues in the past.
      • We will have a :30 min or less rest stop at a random plaza.
      • You may not roam the park on your own, have a buddy or buddies.
      • You can always reach me via remind for any problems. Park security has all your names and mine and all chaperone contact info.


    • You will return to BUS LOOP at 1:30 AM
    • Do not go into a house after 1:00AM. You will be late to the bus! Long walk out to bus loop.
    • We will arrive at approximately 6 AM to CCHS, have transportation ready to pick you up. 
    • If you currently drive to school, parking lots will be opened when we arrive to remove your car.
    • Pick up your bags before leaving school.