Social Studies Department

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    Welcome to the Social Studies Department

    The social studies department offers a variety of course work in understanding people and how they live their lives.

    Subjects in this area explore the places people live and the impact the environment has on people, the development and fall of civilizations and cultures through time, how people make their living and gather resources, how they behave individually and when in groups, how they govern themselves, and how people from various cultures react to their conditions and to each other.

    Each student must have six semester hour credits in social studies to graduate. Three of these credits must be two credits each in United States History and World History and one credit each in Government and Economics.

    A student with an interest in social studies might consider college instruction in law, government, international relations, psychology, social work, teaching, law enforcement, economics, urban planning, and many other areas.

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    Dixon, Dwayne 
    Department Co-Chair
    Wilfong, Peggy 
    Department Co-Chair