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    By time our seniors graduate, they should be academically prepared to pursue their future plans.  Whether that plan takes them to the military, the workplace, a technical program, or a two year or four year school, the better prepared they are, the more options they will have.    

    For the Class of 2020 and beyond, this means they are “college-ready.”  That is, they have earned minimum scores on SAT, ACT, or PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test) and prior to the senior year. Juniors take a college admissions test SAT by the end of the junior year.   

    Students who meet the required cut scores through any of the exams are considered “College-Ready.”  However, any senior who does not meet the required cut score by the time the senior year begins are placed in a college-readiness preparatory course:  ENGLISH IV: FLORIDA COLLEGE EPREP (non-honors) if they do not meet the score in reading or writing (must have both) and/or MATH for COLLEGE READINESS** (non-honors) if they do not meet the score in mathematics. This is a Florida Department of Education directive and course placement for those who do not receive the required cut scores may not be waived. 

    Required Scores: 

                          Reading:            ACT  19                    SAT CR   24          PERT   106

                          Writing:             ACT ENGLISH 17       SAT CR   25          PERT    103

                          Math:                 ACT 19                     SAT        24          PERT    114


    If your child has been placed in one or both of the remedial courses and he/she meets the college-ready score based on the their ACT or SAT, schedules were adjusted accordingly.  If your child believe his/her schedule is incorrect, he/she must submit a schedule change request form. 

    For more information, please contact your assigned counselor or see Mr. Ziccardi in the Guidance Office. 


    PERT Study Guide