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    Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities provide students with a school-to-career connection.Cooper City High School offers a variety of CTE courses that lead to industry certification, enabling students with the training and certification needed to attain employment right out of high school.  All Industry certifications are real-world certifications that are designed, administered and recognized by industry. Students who earn Industry Certifications may have an advantage gaining employment or be eligible for post-secondary scholarships.

    Deborah CovardDepartment Head, ECE 2-4 and Directed Studies;  Littlest Cowboys Preschool Director

    Please click here for more information on the Littlest Cowboys Program

    Helise Gailboord, ECE 1 

    Early Childhood Education: 4 Year Program.  Students will work towards attaining state certification in Early Childhood Education (ECPC) as well as complete the program with a national certification- the Child Development Associate Credential (CDA).  Students will work hands-on in our onsite preschool with the Littlest Cowboys preschool students to attain the necessary hours for industry certification.


    Linda Snider

    Hospitality & Tourism: 4 Year Program:  Students earn 2 certifications in Hotel Management.

    Marketing  Year DECA Program:  Students earn Photoshop Certification and can earn scholarship money from DECA competition


    Regina Fereirra 

    Personal Finance

    Business and Entrepreneurial Principals

    Accounting 1 Honors


    Alfredo Pichardo

    Digital Video Production


    Michael Elliott

    Drafting Levels 1-3


    Michael Brock

    Auto Maintenance and Light Repair


    Christopher Martin 



    David Schultz 

    Cyber Security

    I.T. Fundamentals