• Traffic Flow Map

    Morning Arrival 7:00 AM - 7:35 AM

    • Parent Drop Off
      Please enter campus through the Stirling Road gate by the school marquee. Pull all the way forward to the front of the school to drop your child off. Students will enter campus through the North tunnel entrances located to the North of the main office. Students must have their ID's to enter campus. Parents should drop off students no earlier than 7:10 AM.
    • Student Walkers/Bike Riders
      Student walkers must enter campus via the softball gate on Stirling Road or through the Dudley Road gate. Bike riders or skateboarders have to walk their bike or skateboard once they enter the campus gates and have to walk on sidewalks. Bikes can be locked in the front of the school on the bike racks and skateboards are to be brought to the skateboard room in the cafe. Student walkers/bike riders must exit campus in the same fashion in which they entered, through the gates mentioned above and walking their bike or skateboard. 
    Afternoon Dismissal 2:40PM - 3:00PM
    • Parents picking up students after dismissal must enter campus before 3:00 PM using the entrance off of Stirling Road by the school marquee and follow the parent car loop by the front of the school.
    •  Parents and visitors coming onto campus during school hours must pass through a security checkpoint and show proper ID. Students may be signed out by a parent or guardian listed on the emergency contact information daily before 2:10 PM.  
    •  After 3 PM, students in extracurricular activities are to be picked up on the south side of campus using the Stirling Road entrance. Parents are to make a quick left into the South Lot once entering campus and pick up their child at the South crash bar gate and exit using the same entrance. 
      All campus visitors and staff are required to follow posted traffic warning and safety signage, blinking lights/signage, speed limits of 5 mph, orange traffic cones, and safety directions at all times while on campus. This includes a prohibition of cell phone usage while in a parent pick-up lane or driving on campus.

    Dismissal and Student walkers- As student walkers exit our campus, they are to utilize the marked pedestrian crosswalks to cross Stirling Road. Please be advised that the crosswalks for students are located to the east and west of campus on Stirling Road. There is no crosswalk directly between CCHS and Cooper Square. Students jaywalking risk not only a civil citation but also a potential injury to themselves and/or others. 
    Message From BSO: Cooper Square Plaza is for the benefit of enjoying a nice time with friends and family or otherwise patronizing businesses, but illegal or otherwise disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. This includes, but not limited to, loitering with no purpose, blocking traffic, causing disturbances, trespassing (such as climbing or accessing the roof ladders or hanging from the awnings, etc.), vandalism, failing to obey the lawful orders of Law Enforcement, etc. will result in sanctions, up to and including arrest.  The plaza is not allowing its parking lot to be used for the drop-off or pick up of students. In addition, Deputies are authorized to trespass warn any and all persons on behalf of the plaza (affidavit is on file) and will do so to any student or person who they deem is causing a disturbance, loitering, or is sanctioned for any reason.