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  • 1. My child is in the gifted program and plans to attend a top university. Will the high school that serves this area give him/her the academic background he/she needs?

    Yes, all high schools offer a core academic program leading to admission into the State University System of Florida as well as other rigorous institutions. All high schools offer gifted and honors programs for students. All schools offer a math sequence leading up to and including Advanced Placement Calculus.

    For additional information please contact your school directly.

  • 2. What is the best high school in town?

    Each of our high schools has been recognized for individual accomplishments. Although each school is unique, all high schools in the Broward County Public School District have strong educational programs designed to meet the needs of all students.  All schools post the Florida School Accountability Report card for their school on the web.  When looking at overall test scores, please consider that these are composite scores including the scores of students in the gifted program, students in college prep classes, students in general education classes, students in remedial classes, students learning English, and special education students.  These scores may not provide much guidance in choosing the best school for your student.  Contacting and/or visiting the school will provide you with better information on whether a particular school has the best program for your son or daughter.  The Broward County School District is committed to maintaining the availability of a full program at each school and is intended to enable families to choose their home school without being concerned that their choice will keep their child from having the education they need to succeed.

  • 3. I've heard both good and bad things about the high school that serves this residential area. How can I find out what the school is really like?

    Call the school and arrange to visit and talk with the principal or a counselor. School websites, school phone numbers, and school addresses are listed in the School Information & Resource directory.

  • 4. What is the difference between an Innovative Program and a Magnet Program?

    An Innovative Program provides unique or thematic instruction to attract and maintain home boundary student enrollment. A Magnet Program is designed to attract students from outside a school's attendance area to an under-enrolled school.

  • 5. What does Title I mean?

    Title I schools are schools that receive federal dollars because they have 50% or more students entitled to free or reduced lunch based on economic status.

    For additional information contact Title I (754) 321-1400.

  • 6. Doesn't the Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP) cause schools to become over enrolled? How does concurrency affect schools receiving or sending OSP students?

    Students receiving OSP choice are offered a selection of schools to attend. Of the schools receiving OSP choice, student attendance is assigned based on where classroom space is available so that schools do not become over enrolled due to the federally mandated choice. This enables schools to plan on meeting school concurrency level of service and class size mandates when possible.

  • 7. Are Magnet Programs causing schools to become over enrolled? How does school concurrency affect magnet schools?

    Magnet Programs are placed in under-enrolled schools to attract enrollment from outside a school's boundary. Student reassignment into Magnet Programs is controlled so that schools do not attract more students than the permanent building capacity available at the school. This enables schools to plan on meeting school concurrency level of service, class size and federal requirements to provide student choice.

Last Modified on July 21, 2022