• School Safety Task Force

    In the Fall of 2019, Broward County Public Schools convened a cross-section of community stakeholders to review the policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that schools are safe environments for teachers, students, administrators, staff, and visitors.  This task force was to summarize their work and make recommendations on how to improve school safety.

    The task force met three times between December 2019 and March 2020.  The task force transitioned to become a community input committee to the District on how to operate under pandemic conditions from March to June 2020 and then how to reopen the schools in the Fall of 2020.  The task force was not active after the reopening of schools to in-person instruction in October 2020.  In October of 2021, Superintendent Dr. Vickie Cartwright identified the reconvening of the task force, so that it will complete its original mission, as a high level district priority.  

    The task force is reconvening in November 2021 and the intention is to have final report issued in March 2022.  Further detail on task force membership, resources, and meeting agendas will be provided on this web site.

    School Safety Task Force Final Report | October 2022


    If you have input or questions for the committee, please email sstf@browardschools.com