• End of Year Testing in the Spring of 2021

    There are a variety of end-of-year tests which students are scheduled to take in the Spring of 2021.  This webpage is intending to serve as an information hub on the variety of dates, protocols, and other resources related to end-of-year assessments.

    Updated 2021-04-21

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on FSA & EOC - Refecting changes from FL DOE Emergency Order 2021-EO-02

    UPDATE 2021-04-13

    Presentation on the impact of FL DOE Emergency Order (2021-EO-02) on graduation, Bright Futures, course grades, promotion, school grades, educator evaluations and related matters.

    UPDATE 2021-04-09

    The Florida Department of Education has released new guidance under Emergency Order 2021-EO-02 which provides flexibility to school districts in how state assessments impact graduation requirements for Spring 2021, End-of-Course exam impact on final grades, promotion and retention decisions, eligibility for Bright Futures Scholarships, and the use of student scores for school/district grades and teacher evaluations.  This web resource will be updated by Wednesday, April 14 to reflect Broward County Public Schools.

    A high level summary of the assessments listed below is provided in the links on the left side of this web page.

    • FSA (Florida Standards Assessment) for students in grade 3-12 in math and English Language Arts.
    • NGSSS for students in grade 5 and 8 in science.
    • EOC (End-of-Course) examinations for students in middle school school Civics or in high school credit courses for Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, or United States History.
    • FSAA (Florida Standards Alternative Assessment) for select students in grades 3-12
    • ACCESS for select students in grades 3-12
    • Advanced academic examinations
      • Advanced Placement
      • AICE (Cambridge)
      • International Baccalaureate