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  • Section 1001.36, Florida Statutes, requires the School Board to make changes "deemed necessary in the boundaries of any district school board member residence area at a meeting of the school board in odd-numbered years" and that no boundary change that "would affect the residence qualifications of any incumbent member shall disqualify such incumbent member during the term for which he or she is elected."

    Following its review of 2020 U.S. Census data, The School Board will redraw the seven residence area boundaries to achieve board member residence areas that are reflective of the population changes that have occurred since the 2010 Census and approve the new boundaries at an upcoming School Board meeting.

    The proposed School Board member district map will not affect school attendance zones. It will not impact where your child attends school, however, it may affect which school board member district you may vote in. After several public meetings, the School Board will approve a revised school board member district map. You can view an interactive, preliminary map of your district and additional information here below. You can also provide comments throughout the redistricting process by e-mailing

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