About the Service Quality Office

Holding Hands
  • Accreditation
    Cognia formerly Advanced, system accreditation incorporates a performance-based model that has a five-year cycle. OSQ facilitates the district accreditation process which includes a self-evaluation of each school, an organizational evaluation, and an independent external review.

    Appeal Process
    OSQ conducts appeal hearings based on SBBC Policies. OSQ conferences with involved parties to collect information for analytical review to ensure compliance with SBBC Policy, Standard Practices and due process requirements before rendering a decision.

    Broward PIVOT
    OSQ designed and implemented the PIVOT (Principal Information Vital to Operations and Teaching) Communication initiative to streamline communication from district divisions to schools.

    Customer Survey
    Each year, OSQ coordinates the BCPS Stakeholder Surveys for parents, students, and staff to gather information regarding school climate, perceptions concerning school improvement, and student achievement.

    School Improvement
    School Improvement (SI) schools are D or F graded public schools identified for support and intervention by the FLDOE. OSQ works collaboratively with principals to develop goals based on school needs and implement strategies to reduce or eliminate barriers to the goals.

    Field Trips
    OSQ conducts comprehensive reviews of all non-local school or district-sponsored field trips to ensure compliance with SBBC Policy, Standard Practices, and Business Practice requirements. OSQ approves out of the county, all water-related, overnight, and international field trips.

    OSQ provides technical assistance, editing, budget development, and implementation support for the School Improvement Grant (SIG), Principal Autonomy Grant, UniSIG, and Wallace Grant.

    OSQ reviews all school-based facility leases to ensure compliance with SBBC Policy, Standard Practices, and Business Practice requirements.

    OSPA Central
    OSQ has designed a comprehensive online system to organize information for efficient dissemination and processing.

    Operational Meetings
    In collaboration with Central Office Departments, OSQ coordinates all aspects of quarterly principals’ operational meetings.

    Parent Advisories
    OSQ is the liaison to School Advisory Forums, School Advisory Councils, Area Advisory Councils, District Advisory Council, the Superintendent and School Board.

    Parent Concerns
    OSQ is tasked with providing direct responses to parents and community members regarding school concerns. OSQ works with schools and involved stakeholders to resolve complaints.

    Principal Supervisor Summit
    OSQ annually hosts the National Summit for Principal Supervisors which is designed to provide innovative, critical training and networking aligned with current trends for educational leaders from across the nation.

    OSQ facilitates the Superintendent’s Hardship Committee hearings to determine if a parent/guardian’s application for a hardship transfer to another school will be granted in accordance with SBBC Policy.

    OSQ governs the process for reassignment rescissions that are reported by schools for repeated violations of the Code of Student Conduct.

    School Improvement
    OSQ facilitates the completion, implementation, and monitoring of School Improvement Plans through quarterly, face-to-face, interactive professional learning for School Advisory Council chairpersons and administrators.

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